Heavy Machinery Post Hole Digger Attachments

Heavy Machinery Post Hole Digger Attachments

Heavy machinery such as soil diggers make quick work of any hole boring job at the farm. Whether its fence posts youre putting up or an entire series of power lines, using these farm equipment is your best bet at getting the job done fast and right. For small farm applications, your best bet would be a post hole digger. But if the job requires a hole dug deep, then a heavy machinery attachment is what you need. These digger attachments vary in diameter and depth, and you can find a variety available.

Handheld Auger

Small, reliable and consistent, handheld auger or automatic post hole diggers are effective at digging shallow to medium depth holes. Its basically a petrol engine with a small, spiral auger attached to the bottom. Two persons hold the handlebars at each side to give it stability, and the digger does the rest. It takes a bit of teamwork to dig efficiently, but its much faster than using something like a manual post hole digger. The smallest kinds require just one person, but arent powerful enough to dig through tough soil like heavy clay and rock.

Heavy Machine Auger

The big daddy of hole diggers is the heavy auger, which is a heavy machine backhoe attachment or basically a bigger version of the handheld hole digger. It works via an auger drive that contains planetary gears that turn the auger using pneumatic power. They are the ultimate diggers if you want to put in almost zero effort to do a huge job. They are also best if you are unsure whether you have rocks or other tough debris to contend with. This attachment is a great tool for digging large holes in a series as well, such as when putting up large fences or wall posts.

Other Farm Equipment

Stocking up on farm implement parts is necessary when you have a busy farm to maintain. Parts like hydraulic cylinders might be quite expensive, but having a couple of compatible ones around can pay off when your tractor eventually needs replacements. Having them in stock reduces downtime too. Stay bar pins are also great to have on hand so you can hitch up a trailer to put up your fence posts after digging those holes.