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Heavy Machinery Trenchers

Digging a trench is all in a days work for many contractors in the construction industry, but it can also be back breaking and laborious, with a high risk of cave-ins that can result in serious injury or death. To speed up work, minimise the manpower required and increase safety from outside of the trench, many companies are turning to heavy machinery trenchers.

Benefits of Using a Heavy Machinery Trencher

A heavy machinery trencher gives contractors the ability to excavate trenches quickly and efficiently, working in a straight line and often at a set depth. With a range of set ups and accessories available, trenchers can be used on everything from small DIY projects at home, right through to large scale commercial projects.

Walk Behind Trenchers

For their ability to quickly open a neat trench with minimal fuss, walk behind trenchers have become a popular item with everyone from landscape gardeners to plumbers and electricians. Ditch Witch trenchers have been around for decades and are known for being easy to operate with a range of engine sizes. Another popular brand is Barreto Mfg, who introduced the first 100% hydraulic walk behind trencher back in the 90s.

Trenching Attachments for Excavators

A range of bobcat heavy machinery trencher attachments are available for heavy duty trenching work. These attachments generally come with a selection of chains which have teeth of varying durability (for use on all types of ground conditions including permafrost) and can excavate trenches up to 1200 mm deep.