Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are designed to help you keep your hedge from looking untidy with leaves and branches growing at all angles. They enable you to cut off the excessive elements of your hedge, so it keeps the shape you want it to be in.

There are many brands and types of hedge trimmer, with 3 main types of power source to drive the motor that keeps the blades working in a cutting action – petrol, mains electricity, and battery. Each have their own benefits depending on your own circumstances.

Types of hedge trimmer

  • Petrol hedge trimmer – The cutting action of the blades of this type of hedge trimmer is enabled by a motor that is fuelled by petrol
  • Electric hedge trimmer – The power source for this type of trimmer is electricity from your home’s power socket. The power cables for these trimmers are generally quite long, but it may be advisable to use an extension lead for more flexibility
  • Battery hedge trimmer – These avoid the potentially dangerous trailing power cable. The batteries used for the power source on these trimmers are usually rechargeable from your home plug sockets
  • Long reach hedge trimmer – Designed to help you reach the furthest extreme parts of your hedge, these trimmers come with long handles for extra reach
  • Double sided hedge trimmer – Rather than simply having one set of blades for cutting your hedge, these trimmers have blades at both sides
  • Multi function hedge trimmer – Some types of trimmer come with multi functionality. This may be in the form of an additional pruning device, or sometimes there are strimmer options included with your trimmer

Benefits of hedge trimmers

  • Looks – It keeps your hedge looking the way you want it. It is possible to trim your hedge into different shapes, which is sometimes known as the art of topiary, for added personalisation and to enhance your garden in an interesting manner
  • Property – It helps keep your hedge within the borders of your own property and not encroaching onto a public space such as a pavement or road
  • Ease of use – They make the job of cutting your hedge to shape much easier than using traditional manual shears or secateurs.