Wheel yourself around in style with Heelys

Having exploded in popularity in recent years, your kids will be head over heels in love with a cool new pair of Heelys. The alternative way to get around on two feet, Heelys can be worn anywhere. Switch from normal walking to wheeling around in seconds with specially designed skate shoes by Heelys. Your kids will be gliding around in no time.

Heelys for girls

If you're looking for a girlie pink or glittery design, look no further than Heelys' Split pink disco shoe. Sensationally covered in shimmering glitter and with a thick synthetic sole, the discrete detachable wheels live up inside the sole, so all kids need to do is put extra weight on the heel so the shoe can turn into a skate.

Plus, when they're not rolling, Heelys look like a normal sneaker shoe, and it's even possible to take the wheels off completely if you want to. Available in a huge range of designs and sizes, from bright piercing purples to pastel blues and greens and everything in between, you're sure to be a star with the gift of a pair of Heelys.

Heelys for boys

The Heelys brand is not just about girls. There are loads of sizes and styles of Heelys boy's shoes available. For a truly illuminating style, in a variety of colours to suit boys, go for a pair of light up ones. They'll stand out in the dark with a sole lined with LEDs, plus there's a padded heel and tongue for comfy support.

Or for a bright luminous colour without the need for lights, why not go for a neon green and black pair complete with cool matching laces for that super streetwise look. Or if you're really looking for a chunky and comfortable show try the Heelys' skate shoes.

Whether you are looking for Heelys shoes for girls or boys, there's a huge selection of sizes, styles, and accessories to suit your needs.