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Heller Portable Fans

As the weather gets warmer, we are always trying to find ways to keep cool. Sometimes, it doesnt even have to be warm outside - you still might want a bit of a breeze circulating through your home or workspace. When you want an affordable solution to move stagnant air around your room, you might want to invest in a Heller fan.

As the alternative to an air conditioner, a Heller fan is an effective way to keep cooler in the summer, without feeling like youre in a freezer. For a fraction of the price it costs to run an air conditioning unit, you can have cool air running through your home or office all year round.

Not all fans are created equal

Depending on your uses and where you want to put your fan, there are different styles to cater to your requirements. Some of the most popular fan styles are listed below:

Industrial wall-mounted fan: These particular fans are useful for when you have large open plan spaces and need a strong breeze to reach every corner. They are most commonly found in restaurants, cafes or wellness centres.

Floor fan: Shaped like a box, floor fans are portable and can be moved around from room to room as desired. They wont take up much space but their power is not usually as strong as other types of fans.

Pedestal or tower fans: Height-adjustable, pedestal or tower fans have rotating heads that scan a room to keep it cool. A caged guard is placed over the propellers for safety.

Ceiling fan: As the name suggests, these fans are installed in the ceiling and are a space-efficient solution to your home or office. Some Heller ceiling fans even come with switches for summer and winter, and may also come equipped with lights.

Whether you need a portable fan or any other affordable device for your home or office, dont look past Heller fans on eBay. Find brand new or second hand products at affordable prices when you shop online today.