Hema HN7 GPS Units in Electronics

The Hema HN7 Navigator will get you where you need to go

The Hema HN7 Navigator is a very popular GPS navigation system throughout Australia and beyond. Its large, bright screen is easy to read, and it comes preloaded with a variety of different map types.

If you drive, you need a good GPS navigation system. It doesn't matter where you go, or how you like to get there. Off-roading, caravanning, exploring the little-known byways or sticking to the fastest and most heavily travelled routes all requires knowing exactly where you are. Getting lost is no fun, and can even be quite dangerous far from the cities.

Hema Maps

A Hema navigation system comes preloaded with a variety of maps covering the length and breadth of Australia. However, things do change over time. Not only are new roads added and old one closed, some routes are unsafe during certain weather and something as simple as not knowing that a bridge was taken out of service for maintenance can add hours (and aggravation) to your journey.

Perhaps you need a new map, one specialised for the type of driving you actually do. Hema 4WD maps and 4WD navigation are available. Even the ability to mark off-road waypoints could be a game changer. Furthermore, new points of interest (POI) are added all the time. Wouldn't it be easier finding caravan parks if they were already noted on your unit's map?

If you've purchased your Hema GPS navigation system second hand or don't qualify for free map updates, you can purchase them now. You can even find third-party maps from companies like NAVTEQ that will work on an existing navigator.

Other GPS Navigation Systems and Apps

The Hema HX1 on and off-road navigation system is a favourite. Navigation apps such as the iGO Primo or OziExlorer are also conveniently available for your smartphone.