Henna Hair Colouring

Henna Hair Colouring

Products made from henna have to been used tint and dye hair for many hundreds of years. While not as long-lasting as conventional chemical hair colourants, henna products are known to be a far safer way to colour your hair. They also have a number of other lesser known benefits, such as improving hair thickness and texture, eliminating dandruff and treating irritable scalp conditions. Not all hair colouring dyes that use henna will be free from synthetic ingredients, so if this is what you’re looking for, aim to choose an organic henna hair colourant or an all-natural henna hair colourant.

A Natural Alternative

Henna hair dyes are a great, natural alternative to chemical hair dyes. They are generally free from harmful synthetic ingredients such as ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), hydrogen peroxide, metals and metallic salts. These chemical ingredients are commonly found in conventional hair dyes and have been associated with increased cancer risk and are known to cause severe allergic reactions in some users. While there is no 100 per cent conclusive evidence that these chemicals pose a serious threat to human health when applied to the scalp, choosing a chemical-free henna hair colour is undoubtably a healthier option.

Natural Colour Enhancement

Hair colours that use henna and other plant extracts such as indigo, cassia, marigold and chamomile do not chemically alter hair colour. Instead they act as semi-permanent colourants that coat the outer surface of the hair shaft and last from four to six weeks, though they can safely be used more frequently. Henna dyes will preserve your natural or existing hair colour while enhancing and intensifying it for an ultimately multi-tonal, natural look.

Conditioning Action

Henna powder can also be used as a conditioner and treatment for various scalp disorders such as dandruff and irritation. Henna is known for its ability to add volume to hair when used regularly as well as soothing itchy, flakey scalp problems. The hair coating action of henna hair dyes have a smoothing effect on individual strands of hair, creating brilliant, light-reflecting shine.

Suitable for Covering Grays

Despite being a gentle, semi-permanent hair colourant, many henna hair dye manufacturers have been able to create special formulations which are suitable for covering unwanted gray hair. Henna hair dye traditionally comes in brown and black shades as this is the natural colour of the plant, though several manufacturers have now been able to create a wider range of shades suitable for blonde and red-toned hair, by using other natural plant extracts such as marigold and cassia.