Add beautiful designs to your skin today with Henna paste and powder from eBay

If you're looking to add a beautiful, traditional, storied design to your skin, eBay's range of Henna pastes, powders and other associated products can be just what you need. With a huge range of different options, you'll be able to apply classic, meaningful designs to your skin as it suits you.

What is Henna?

Henna is a type of art that is a semi-permanent tattoo. This tattoo is dyed onto the skin, but it's not like other tattoos you might be used to seeing. Henna tattoos generally disappear within a few weeks. Henna tattoos are not injected into the skin, but rather often applied via a small tube or paintbrush. There are many elaborate designs that can be done by those that are experienced in Henna. In fact, with your own materials, you can practice and become that much better at doing it. Learning how to do Henna can be just as much fun as having it done.

Henna paste options on eBay

Many think that the typical Henna tattoo colours of olive green or brown are the only choices you have. But that's not true! There are brighter, more vivid colours from which to choose, as well, giving you a better chance of customising the way you decorate your skin..

For more permanent changes…

If you do want something that lasts longer, eBay has plenty of tattoo kits and body piercing kits that can help you alter your look.

Henna has been a tradition in various cultures around the world for years, and it's a fantastic thing to be part of when the time is right. Grab Henna pastes and powders from eBay today and find a solution that works for your skin.