Hennessy, the world's favorite Cognac, is light and highly versatile for the perfect cocktail no matter what the occasion. 

Hennessy began way back in 1745 in the small area of France appropriately called, Cognac. Its smooth character and bold flavor made it a very popular drink around the world, especially when making cocktails, and the rise of Hennessy began to the point where it is one of the premium liquors on the market today, available in a range of variations, all of which can be found here on eBay. 

No matter what your palette favours there is a bottle of Hennessy that you will likely fall in love with. Beyond all other spirits, cognac requires aging to realise its delicate properties. Hennessy afford this time to achieve the quality it is known for. An example of this is the very popular Hennessy X.O which was originally created in 1870 exclusively for family and friends. 

Hennessy is blended from four premier growing areas and is best enjoyed after a fine meal, "On the Rocks." Hennessy with one or two ice cubes and a splash of water to release the aromas is a drink you will want to have on-hand in your bar at all times. 

Hennessy has a lovely soft, round mouthfeel and incredible complexity. The nose is often spicy with hints of oak and leather with some editions offering sweeter essences of flowers and ripe fruit. Hennessy is full-bodied and well-balanced which testify to the long years it has spent being aged. The flavour is involved and long-lasting, nurtured in cellars which contain the world's largest reserves of old Cognac. Find the bottle of Hennessy you love on eBay today.