Herman Miller

 If you work in an office and spend up to eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer, it is important that you look after your physical health. If you thought that positioning your desk and monitor at the correct height for typing was safe enough, think again. A poorly designed office chair can cause pelvic and lumbar damage, and you could be spending your personal leave in bed.

Health problems associated with poor seating

People who sit down to work for long periods at a time run a high risk of low-back injury and pain in the neck and shoulders. While you can buy a back-support cushion, it can only help so much. In addition to this, slouching and similar seated postures can cause poor concentration, fatigue and headaches. These injuries are preventable with the right office chair.

Why you need an ergonomic office chair 

In addition to reducing the risk of back pain, an ergonomic office chair includes all the necessary features such as head rest and back rest that will support your posture when you are seated. Their heights can also be adjusted so you can sit in the correct position - that is, knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor and parallel to the hips.Ergonomic chairs are also more comfortable as you can adjust features to mould your body. Unlike normal chairs with hard surfaces, ergonomic chairs also come with a good seat depth that supports the hips and buttocks.The right lumbar and pelvic support will encourage better breathing, better posture, and less fatigue. As a globally recognised leader in residential and office furniture, Herman Miller office chairs are designed to keep your body and brain supple all day. Shop online on eBay for quality Herman Miller chairs and other office furniture so you can work in comfort when you clock in.