Hex Dumbbells

Train efficiently with hex dumbbells

No one wants to see their weights roll away in the gym when they are trying to workout, which is why hex dumbbells are so popular. These six-sided shapes are designed to stay put wherever you put them and give you the same even weight distribution as their round counterparts.

A versatile piece of equipment

Dumbbells can be used for a variety of different exercises designed to strengthen your legs, arms, back, and core, as well as cross-training exercises which build general fitness and strength. A knurled chrome grip makes it easier to hold the dumbbell handle for longer, so you can power on with those walking lunges. Paired with only a few other strength training products, its super easy to make your own home gym.

A selection of sizes

Although you can do a lot with a single, mid-weight pair of hex dumbbells, many people prefer to buy a set to vary their exercises. Hex dumbbells are available individually or as a set of four or more. Larger sets even come with their own dumbbell rack, either stacking vertically or horizontally, to keep your weights tidy and easy to access.

Dumbbell Weights

Handheld dumbbells come in weights from as little as 1kg up to 45kg or more, and can be bought in pounds rather than metric weights if you prefer. Most will have their weight printed or embossed on the side, while some hex dumbbell sets come colour coded to make the weight you want even easier to find.

Made to last

With an inner core of steel or cast iron to provide the weight, and an outer layer of rubber to provide the shape, rubber hex dumbbells are really made to last. The rubber layer also protects the floor as well as the dumbbell if you drop one while you are working out. Rubber-coated dumbbells will also reduce the noise when putting them down, making them ideal for working out in an apartment block or upstairs in your home, without disturbing the other residents.

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