Hi-Fi Systems with Bluetooth

No matter whether you have a mini Hi-Fi system or are fine with a micro, no Hi-Fi system is complete without Bluetooth. The big advantage of a Bluetooth Hi-Fi system is that you can pair the speakers with your mobile or other source to play any of your playlists.

What Features Should a Hi-Fi System Have?

Every Hi-Fi music system needs a source and speakers, but there are other features that are equally important, especially when you have to use your mobile for something else:

  • CD Player: No matter how popular downloads become, CDs are still a staple of almost every household.
  • Cassette Decks: If you have a lot of audio tapes consider Hi-Fi systems with dual cassette decks
  • USB Input: There is no easier way to get digital music onto your mini stereo system than through USB.
  • Radio: Whether you prefer AM, FM or DAB+, a radio tuner is a lifesaver, and AM/FM Hi-Fi systems are still popular everywhere.

Using Bluetooth

All you have to do to use Bluetooth with your system is pair your mobile. As long as your phone supports the right protocol it can stream music through your speakers so you can enjoy surround sound with the convenience of a mobile app.