HiFi Separates Systems/Combos

Bringing Music to Your Ears with a HiFi System

Few things are more rewarding than filling your room with your favourite sounds delivered by a good HiFi system. Whether you want a complete system ready to plug in, or you want to buy and connect HiFi separates individually, the end result is the same; great music to your ears. You can find many new or used complete systems and separates on eBay at a wide range of prices.

Buying a complete system

Many manufacturers have released complete HiFi systems comprising a range of separates over the years, from smaller micro or midi systems placed on a shelf or in a cabinet, to large, floor-standing tower systems. The advantage of a ready-made, complete HiFi system is that the HiFi units are well matched electrically and stylistically.

Assembling your own set up with individual components

One advantage of buying individual components is that you can do it over time. Another is that you can pick and choose the units with the specifications and functions you want. Separates include:

  • Stereo amplifier: The amp is the powerhouse of your setup and the part to which all the other components are connected. Its output is measured in watts, and the higher the wattage the more powerful the output.
  • Speakers: A pair of speakers is required for full stereo sound. Make sure your speakers have the correct impedance (measured in ohms) for connection to your amplifier, and also that they’re capable of handling the wattage output of the amplifier.
  • Tuner: Tuners lets you listen to radio or digital radio broadcasts.
  • Music players: Music players such as MP3 players, CD players, smartphones, and computers can be directly connected to the amplifier.
Should all devices be from the same manufacturer?

It's not essential as HiFi units generally follow the same connectivity standard. However, older HiFi devices may not have the same choice of digital inputs and outputs as newer ones. For example, if you buy a second-hand amplifier that isn’t Bluetooth enabled, you won’t be able to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. However, you can still connect to it by cable.

Are turntables and cassette players still available?

For those with cherished record and cassette collections, many manufacturers also produce turntables and cassette players. In addition to playing records and cassettes, many enable you to convert them to MP3 digital audio files. You can then play your favourite albums anytime on digital devices, from smartphones to computers.