High Top Athletic Shoes for Men

High Tops: Ankle Support For Fierce Fashion

Originally designed to give athletes extra ankle support, high top sneakers were all the range back in the 1980s and early 90s. Although they went out of fashion for a while, they’re now making a comeback and they have moved well beyond the courts and into the land of casual footwear for men.

Wear your high tops with pride

Whether you’re after extra support for basketball or jogging, or you want something casual to wear around the town, there’s a style for you on eBay. So what is it about high tops that people love?

For sporty folk, high tops have a lot more ankle protection. Particularly prevalent with basketball players, which again is why they were designed in the first place, if you’re moving around in all directions and at all speeds, if the ankle and foot are not properly protected, it’s likely to result in ankle injuries. High top sneakers help to keep the joints in place and reduce the motion, as such reducing the likelihood of damage.

For fashion folk, they’re just as good off the courts as they are on, but it’s more about the design. They’re versatile, and you can pretty much match them to any of your clothes. With jeans, it’s a cool and classic look, while matching with chinos is a smart urban style that’s ideal for weekends. If you want to wear them with shorts, just make sure the pants are baggy; and to wear them with a suit, stick with simple colours like black and white.

If you want high top sneakers for men, shopping on eBay is easy. Choose a brand you like, with all the top brands easily accessible on the main page menu; or shop by Upper Material, including leather, suede and rubber. The end comfort of your shoes could depend on the material, so do your research first. Check the descriptions, measure your feet for the right sizing, and have fun shopping.