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Hikari Fish Food

A premium brand known for its high-quality food for all types of fish, Hikari offers a variety of options depending on which fish you're feeding and your aquarium type. Fish food comes in many formats, ranging from pellets to small wafers for little fish. You can purchase food in small or large quantities depending on how often you feed and how many fish you have. Choose the right Hikari food for your specific species for best results.

Algae Wafer

Algae wafers come in mini and regular sizes. These nutritious sinking wafers work well for herbivores, and they contain vegetables that ensure growth and health for algae-eating species. When you place the discs in your tank, they sink quickly to the bottom and deteriorate slowly, giving all of your fish a chance to get some nourishment. Treat your omnivores to some algae now and then for added nutrition. Bags come in three sizes for convenience.

Frozen Food

Feed your reptiles or specialty fish from fresh frozen foods. Supplement a squid's diet with plenty of vitamins, or feed frozen brine shrimp to your fish friends. Hikari makes feeding fish frozen food easy and hassle-free. Food comes in easy-to-handle cube packs that allow you to simply toss them into your tank, leaving no mess behind. Fish like angelfish and reptiles like turtles require frozen food to give them the high levels of nutrition they need to stay healthy. Some frozen foods are meant for fish who need a boost in their diet, so consider frozen options for discoloured fish.

Pellet Provisions

Make feeding time seamless by adding Hikari pellet fish food to your aquarium. Pellets vary in size according to fish type, such as micro pellets for tropical fish. Some pellets sink to the bottom while others are semi-floating options, which work well for fish who like feeding at the surface. Bottom feeding fish, such as carnivores, prefer quickly sinking pellets that contain all the nutrients required to boost their immune systems and keep them healthy.

Stick Sustenance

Hikari stick fish food are small sticks that float on the surface. These provide a balanced diet for carnivorous fish, and ensure growth and bright colours. The sticks won't fall apart when they hit the water; they simply soften as your fish nibble and retain their natural shape until the food is gone. You're left with clear water and no mess to clean up, while your fish reap the benefits of vitamins and minerals.

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