Hiking equipment for your adventures

Whether you are out for an afternoon walk or taking off into the bush for a serious adventure, you need to start with the right gear if you want to stay safe and get the most out of your stroll.

The basics

There are a few basic items that every hiker needs, regardless of where they are going. These include a good pair of hiking shoes or boots and appropriate clothing including a water-proof jacket. Others swear by trekking and walking sticks for improved stability. Most important of all, you need to pack a water bottle or water pouch and feeder tube system that fits in your backpack. You can quickly become dehydrated, especially in the Australian summer, and so water should be a top priority.


The next most important thing is or some way of finding your route. Traditional maps and hiking compasses are still widely used by walkers and hikers, although modern systems like portable GPS units are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor adventures.

Survival equipment

For anything more than the most basic of walks, you will need to take some precautions by packing essential survival equipment into your backpack. You should carry a whistle to attract attention if you become lost or get injured, a torch in case you don't get to your destination before nightfall, and a basic knife, such as a bowie knife or a multi-purpose Swiss army knife. A first aid kit and an emergency blanket are also worth carrying.

To maintain your water supply over a longer period, you can use a range of water purifying systems, from tablets to the innovative Life Straw, which will allow you to safely drink water from rivers and ponds.

Camping equipment to wrap up a long day of hiking

If you plan to stay out under the stars, you will also need a range of hiking equipment such as a tent and a sleeping bag, as well as a stove or a fire lighting kit for cooking your well-earned evening meal and a hot drink.