Hiking rucksacks for all adventurists

Just like hikes, hiking rucksacks come in all shapes and sizes to suit all ability levels. Wherever you are heading, you can find the perfect backpack for your trekking journey right here on eBay.

Choose your size

The first thing to consider when choosing a hiking rucksack is the size. You can light day bags, which hold around 20 litres, right up to huge 100 litre camping and hiking backpacks and bags. Choose from a range of sizes in between for medium distance walks or hikes where you aren't camping outdoors.

Lightweight day hiking rucksacks

A lightweight day hiking rucksack will be big enough to hold food and water for the day, as well as emergency essentials like a first aid kit. These tend to be unframed with just shoulder straps, therefore they are not that heavy to carry.

Larger expedition hiking rucksacks

Larger rucksacks bags will usually have an inbuilt frame for stability and load-bearing, as well as both chest and waist straps to spread the weight and make them more comfortable to carry. Of course, the lighter the rucksack is to start with, the easier it is to travel, so look for the lightest you can find. For example, the 90-litre Outlander hiking rucksack weighs just 2.1 kg when empty, despite its huge range of features and massive capacity.

The longer your trip, the larger your rucksack should be, with the largest carrying everything you need for several days out in the bush, including your tent and sleeping bag, and hiking hydration pack. Larger rucksacks will also have more pockets for kit and outdoor equipment, as well as netting and clip-on points for sundry equipment that doesn't fit into the rucksack itself.

2 in 1 hiking rucksacks

It's worth remembering that you won't always want to carry everything with you, so you might want to consider a 2 in 1 hiking rucksack, which has a detachable day bag that zips off the front of the main pack for days when you are returning to the same camp at night.