Popular Hilti Products

Find the right tool for the job with Hilti

Specialising in the creation of products aimed at professionals in the building maintenance, construction, and mining industries, Hilti is a multinational European brand that develops and manufactures heavy duty tools such as jackhammers, circular saws, and power drills.

Hilti power tools

The term 'power tools' covers a whole spectrum of electrical tools each perfectly designed for different jobs. Take for example the Hilti TE 3000-AVR jackhammer. With over 50 lb of power per square foot and active vibration reduction, you can slam through the toughest of demolition jobs quickly and effectively. TE-H Polygon self-sharpening chisels also offer immense power and are ideal for concrete and slabs as there's less sticking.

Or for something towards the other end of the heavyweight scale, there's the Hilti SFH 22-A Battery Drill. Cordless, portable, and with massive torque, simply add the drill bit you need and you'll be powering through a range of hard surfaces in no time.

Hilti chargers

Relatively inexpensive but still boasting the outstanding quality you'd expect, Hilti industrial battery chargers are not only portable and easy to use but many of them are also equipped with a fast charge facility. Great for anyone who tends to run out of juice at the most inconvenient moment, you'll be back up and running in no time. Plus the built-in cooling fan ensures the unit doesn't overheat whilst in use, so no need to worry about burns or scorch marks.

Drill bits

Choose from the vast range of Hilti drill bits ideal for all sorts of light and heavy duty constructions jobs. For SDS drilling there's the Hilti TE-CP SM 25 pointed polygon design chisel. With its self-sharpening tip and increased splitting power for superior performance, it's ideal for light concentrate and masonry chisel work. Partner it with the Hilti TE-YX 24/32 hammer bit for drilling expertly accurate holes in any large piece of concrete, brick, limestone, or masonry, a must for any professional drill set. It also comes with double helical fluting for removing dust super quickly when working on reinforced concrete.