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Increase productivity with industrial-strength Hilti power tools

Hilti is a prominent European manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools. They are known for their quality industrial-strength selection of tools like power drills, circular saws and jackhammers. Their products are built for durability and aimed at professionals in the construction, building and mining industries.

Hilti industrial-strength power tools

Hilti provides both battery-powered and electrical-powered industrial-strength tools designed for use in trades. Although popular as long-lasting DIY tools, they are renowned for long term use in busy work environments thanks to their trusted performance. The Hilti range includes everything from corded drills and drivers, saws and grinders, as well as laser sight measuring tools, caulking dispensers and dust management tools.

Increase mobility and productivity using Hilti cordless, battery-powered tools

Hilti battery-powered tools cover a range of tools which are perfectly designed for professional jobs. High-quality power tools are essential for any professional and with battery-powered options, not only do they save time, but they are also far safer. With a broad selection of cordless tools, including angle grinders, hammer drill drivers, saws, impacts, and rotary hammers, there is a portable tool for every job, in every location.

Increase your mobility with Hilti chargers and batteries

With a broad selection of interchangeable and tool-specific batteries available, ensuring every job is completed in the required time frame is easy with Hilti industrial battery chargers. Not only are they portable and easy to use, but they are also equipped with fast charging facilities. They are also available with options to charge multiple batteries at one time.

With batteries for Hilti cordless power tools ranging from 2.6 – 9.0 ampere-hours (or Ah) - meaning the amount of time you will receive energy charge in your battery from fully charged to flat; you can easily get through a single day's work with all the tools you need.

With fast charge and standard charge options, you will never need to worry about losing power in your tools again. This option is ideal for the tradie who needs to make sure their power tools get them through the next day's challenges.

Increased productivity and durability with Hilti powered tools

Hilti's range of rotary hammers, grinders, breakers, diamond coring tools, and saws are designed tough, so you don't have to worry about unfinished projects. Designed for high performance, Hilti power drills, saws, grinders and cutters are also made for handling comfort. Designed with low vibration in mind, and a limited maintenance schedule, there is no doubt these tools are meant to last.

Hilti accessories make a tough job easier

Choose from the vast range of Hilti drill bits, drill drivers and screwdrivers, as well as a massive selection of accessories for individual powered and battery-powered Hilti tools. From carry bags to safety glasses, accessories for saws and impact drivers, there is an accessory for every job,

Ideal for all types of heavy and light building and construction jobs, home DIY, and ready for action in mining and construction, there are many good reasons to buy Hilti power tools and accessories on eBay.