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Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi power tools offer an extensive line of tools for the modern user. When it comes to power tools, simple internal design is essential for longevity and performance, and Hitachi tools are no different. Whether you use power drills or concrete and masonry tools, you’ll feel Japanese quality in your hand every time you pick up a Hitachi.

Power Drills

Hitachi power drills come in a variety of configurations. Cordless options are typically sold alone, but some bundles come with up to two battery packs and a set of drill bits. When looking for a power drill, it is important to identify whether the drill uses a clutch. The clutch controls the torque application relative to the resistance of the thing being drilled. This proves helpful when using the drill as an automatic screwdriver because the drill can detect when the screw is fastened, thereby preventing screwhead breakage or stripping. Corded drills are often clutchless and ideal only for drilling jobs. These pack a lot of power though, and that makes them great for drilling concrete, wood, and steel.

Tool Combos

Now if you’re a new homeowner who wants a complete set of tools right out the box, Hitachi power tool combos are the way to go. Some bundles include a hammer drill, impact driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, blower, angle grinder, flashlight, slide lantern, battery charger, and four battery packs. If you’re a contractor, a bundle can have you set up for years, and the included Hitachi tool bag is a nice touch. Bundles are also great for starting a workshop since many of the tools included can take the place of dedicated desktop tools like a drill press or table saw.


Hitachi also manufactures pneumatic power tools, which are indispensable for heavy duty and repetitive jobs. From framing nailers to staplers and air dusters, the right Hitachi pneumatic tool will help your workshop crank out quality projects for years.