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Hitachi Reciprocating Saws

Hitachi Power Tools has been making power tools since 1948 and has built a reputation for durability and safety. Hitachi reciprocating saws are one among the many power tools the company offers. This versatile tool uses a back-and-forth reciprocating motion of the blade to make cuts, hence the name. It is ideally suited for demolition work, and making fine cuts with this type of saw requires practice.

Corded or Battery-Powered

Hitachi offers corded and battery-powered cordless reciprocating saws. The advantage of the former is they tend to be more powerful. Moreover, users need not worry about running out of power. On the other hand, you can use Hitachi cordless reciprocating saws, such as the CR18DSL-HY, anywhere. This is especially useful in demolition work wherein users need to be able to move freely in areas that may not have a power socket.

Types of Blades

Reciprocating saws can cut a variety of materials, and all you need to do is change the blade to suit the material in question. You can find reciprocating saw blades made to cut through nails, wood, cast iron and even masonry among the accessories Hitachi offers.


The current a reciprocating saw consumes is stated in amperes. Models with a higher amperage are also more powerful. However, even low-ampere models are powerful enough for most situations. Also, consider weight before choosing one. More powerful models tend to be heavier, and if you plan on using the saw all day long, this can quickly become tiring.

Useful Features

Hitachi reciprocating saws feature tool-less blade changes, which makes changing blades an easy and quick operation. In addition, all models offer variable speed, allowing users to adjust speed to suit the material being cut. In most cases, this is controlled via the trigger, but some models, such as the Hitachi CR13VBY(H1), also include a dial for more precise control. Lastly, corded models use triple-sealing construction to improve safety by increasing dust- and water-resistance.

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