HoMedics Body Foot Massagers


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Have you always wanted a luxurious spa in your very own home? While getting the full set up might be out of most people’s budget, there are home friendly alternatives that you can invest in that could change your life. A rolling shiatsu massage, or a bubble bliss spa bath for your feet is one of those quick and easy solutions.

What is Homedics?

Ho medics makes an extensive range of luxury home foot spa baths, shiatsu-based, percussion, kneading, massage therapies, for feet and backs. A combination of heat, movement, and bubbles helps stimulate your body to achieverelaxation. Some of the massages are cordless, some are heated, and all made from high quality plastic. HoMedics has collections for back, full body, and head and neck. Check what exactly you would like for your own home, and you will surely be able to find it on eBay.

Benefits of foot massage

Reflexology, or foot massages have been used in healing since the ancient times. A combination has proved to improve physiological along with physical health benefits. Reflexology is the ancient healing practise where reflex points on the feet correspond to various organs and glands in the human body. The human foot has 46 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and 250,000 sweat glads all combined with 15,000 nerve endings. Taking time to pamper your feet has proved to improve blood circulation, aids in relaxation, promotes deeper sleep, alleviates pain, improves mood, and minimises swelling.

Manage foot health

To promote foot health, you should consider not only the pampering but what type of shoes you are wearing daily. Investing in high quality, stiff backed, minimal torque, good arch support, and a comfortable fit. Especially when doing sport, make sure you invest in appropriate sports female or male footwear.