Hobby RC Boat & Watercraft Models & Kits

RC Boat and Watercraft Models and Kits

RC boat and watercraft models and kits are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take your remote control hobby to the water. RC boats and watercrafts are well suited for children, beginners and experienced remote control enthusiasts. These small, easy to control toys are a lot of fun and can be enjoyed all year round.

There are a wide variety of boats to choose from, such as hovercraft boats, speedboats, sailboats, navy ships, catamarans and more. The popular scale boats are small life-like models of popular boats. The popular sailboat is one of the lower maintenance options, mainly because your power source is the wind; therefore there is no engine to worry about. Despite the lack of engine, this boat type is still an enjoyable challenge to use and put your RC skills to the test.

The popular racing boats consist of the speedboats, hovercraft boats and catamarans. These boats come with one of three different power options: electric, nitro or petrol powered engines. Racing RC boat and watercraft models and kits are particularly popular because they offer a high-speed performance and a lot of thrill when controlling them. The racing boats require a higher skill level and can be perfect for experienced RC boat and watercraft users. There are also appropriate models for beginners as well.

Scale boats are best suited for people that like a particular type or model of boat. RC boat and watercraft models and kits are great for real fans and collectors of RC boats. Their design is less for speed and performance but more directed towards a realistic representation of that particular model.

Check before buying that the model you opt for is appropriate for your specific requirements and if you are buying for children, check that the controls and performance are suitable for a beginner.