Holden Commodore Sedan Passenger Vehicles

Holden Commodore Sedan Passenger Vehicles

The Holden Commodore has been synonymous with Australia for decades and until recently, it has also been manufactured in Australia. The Holden Commodore sedan is perfectly suited to families and individuals who travel long distances, thanks to its roomy interior and excellent performance. You can opt to purchase a vehicle fitted with a V6 or V8 engine, both of which offer strong performance but will appeal to different buyers. There is a wide range of Holden Commodore sedans to choose from and the price will vary depending on the specific year model.

V6 Vs V8 Engine

Buyers of the Holden Commodore can choose between a V6 engine and a V8 engine. Those that are looking for a sporty exterior and strong performance can choose from either the SV6 Commodore or the SS Commodore, which are equipped with a Holden V6 and Holden V8 engine respectively. The Holden V8 offers exceptional acceleration and a roaring rumble that will be appreciated by driving enthusiasts but it has a fuel consumption figure in excess of 10.0L per 100km. The V6 is a practical choice for families and those that are looking for an economical family vehicle, as it still offers plenty of power whilst returning a fuel consumption figure below 10.0L per 100km, which is a good figure for a family sedan. Keep in mind that more recent models such as the VE and VF variants will offer improved performance over previous Commodore variants.

Sedan Vs Wagon

The most common form of Holden Commodore is the sedan model, but it was also offered as a wagon. The sedan is a good choice if you do not need the extra cargo space that a wagon offers. Sedan also offers more security for your belongings, as it has a concealed boot. They are also considered to be more stylish by many people. Ultimately the choice will be up to personal preference.

Condition of Used Holden Commodore

When purchasing a used car, it is important that you check it thoroughly and ask any questions you may have about the cars history. You should check each panel of the Holden Commodore carefully, looking for any signs of rust or repairs. If possible, you should always take the car for a test drive to ensure that it is in good running order, without any unexpected issues. You should also ensure that the service logbook has been stamped by an authorised mechanic at each service and that it will be supplied with the vehicle.

Year Model

You should consider whether you want an early model car or a late model. The Holden Commodore has been in production since 1978 and it is generally considered to be a very reliable vehicle with good longevity, provided that servicing is kept up to date. Early model cars will be less fuel efficient and may not have safety features such as ABS or power steering. Later models will feature a contemporary styled body, advanced technology such as inbuilt GPS systems and stylish interiors. Some people prefer the early model cars due to their unique styling and good reliability but if you want the most comfortable experience and hassle free motoring then a late model from the last 10-15 years would be preferable. The VE Commodore and VF Commodore are the two most recent models, which have been in production from 2006-2017.