Holden Ute Collector Cars

Australia's quintessential car, the ute continues to be a very popular vehicle. The utility vehicle was developed primarily with farmers in mind—a vehicle that could be used for both farm and family business. Later, it became popular as a tradesman's car, a use that continues to this day, though utes are also a popular choice with young drivers, especially in rural areas.


The ute was originally designed to fit a passenger car chassis. It was, and still is, a 2-door vehicle with a tray enclosed on four sides in the rear. The first Holden FX model ute rolled off the production line back in 1951. For almost 30 years, the Holden ute went through many changes, with this cycle of production ending with the WB ute in 1984. The Holden ute then took a hiatus until it made a comeback in the form of the VP Commodore ute in 1990.


Old Holden utes can be found with manual or automatic transmissions. While early Holden cars were only available as manuals, in 1961 the EK model became the first Holden automatic collector car, with a 3-speed Hydra-Matic auto transmission offered in sedans and wagons. The following year, the EJ became the first ute model available with auto transmission.

Restoration Projects

Like many other Holden cars, old Holden utes are still sought after by collectors. Some have been either well-cared-for or restored and can sometimes be found for sale. If you're interested in restoring these classic cars, you can find utes being sold for parts or as partially completed restorations.

Holden Station Wagons

Of course, utes aren’t the only Holden car body type to have become collectors' items. Old Holden station wagons are also popular with those looking for a piece of yesteryear, once again available for sale as either ready for restoration or already restored.