Home Air Compressors

Air compressors make quick work of many tasks and are used widely across a broad range of trades in many industries, from mechanical workshops to construction sites and emergency services. Powering air tools such as ratchets, impact wrenches, nail guns, cutters, air blowers, saws, drills, tyre inflators, spray guns and grease guns, these machines save significant time over using hand tools and, unlike most power tools, cannot run out of battery.

With power access, simply plug in an air compressor, connect the desired air tool and youre good to go. However, when work carries you off-site or outdoors, beyond the reach of electricity, you cant rely on extension cords to get you by. Like petrol-powered generators, petrol air compressors bring mobility to the worksite and allow you to take your trade or hobby anywhere you can drive. With generally more powerful motors, they can offer significantly more powerful pressures and larger capacity tanks than many 240V air compressors.

Buy petrol air compressors on eBay for less. With so many to choose from, selecting the right compressor for you can be a little daunting.

Petrol air compressor buying tips

Petrol air compressors can come in single or dual power models. Single are powered solely by petrol, whilst dual can be powered by either petrol or electricity, allowing you to take advantage of mains power when on-site and resort to petrol when you need to move around. Available in many different tank sizes, choosing the right compressor capacity for your needs is essential, particularly for a portable air compressor you plan to carry around with you. Larger tanks are heavier and can take longer to fill with air than smaller tanks. However, often fitted with more powerful motors, they can offer higher peak pressures and deliver air for longer before the motor needs to kick in and charge the tank with more air. Some of the more powerful motors can deliver air as its needed, giving you instant and unlimited air pressure, unlike smaller motors which may need to build up pressure in their tanks before you can use it effectively. They are however much lighter and easier to carry around.