Home Personal Security Alarms

You have a password or fingerprint scanner on your phone and never forget to lock your car, but what about your home? When it comes to your family’s security, only the best will do. Home personal security alarms put the power in your hands, letting you set your own codes and sirens. There are a lot of different types to choose from, with numerous brands offering competitive prices.

Motion Sensor Alarms

If you want a security alarm that also functions as a deterrent, look at the range of motion sensor alarms for sale on eBay. You can place them indoors or along your exterior, and they will turn on and sound an alarm when something triggers them. You can adjust the settings to only turn on at certain times and what size subject can trigger them.

Pet-Friendly Alarm Systems

One of the worries most people have about getting a motion sensor alarm is the annoyance of false activations from their pets’ roaming. Companies have heard your concerns, and now sell ranges of pet-friendly alarm systems. These work by only activating with subjects over 25 kg. You can also purchase ones that you can place near doggy-doors and outside fences, making sure your pets stay where they should.

Door and Window Alarms

For those that don’t need or want a motion sensor system, a magnetic sensor alarm in your door or window might be best for you. These will only alert you when someone opens a door or window. One way this can actually be better than an exterior or comprehensive internal alarm system is that it is generally not visible to the intruder. While cameras may be a good visual deterrent, you will know these alarms will only activate if someone is trying to enter your home, and not just by someone walking past.

Other Alarm Features

There are lots of features that come with your home personal security alarm system. Not all systems will have the same ones, but with the competition, more features equal better value. Some might include: SMS notification of alarm and power failure, easy-to-use touchpad and an anti-tamper switch.