Kitchen Appliances  

When it comes to home appliances, most find their home in the kitchen. While there are appliances such as the iron and vacuum cleaner that do stellar work elsewhere in the house, the vast majority of home appliances are built to assist with kitchen duties. When most people think about household jobs that are done in the kitchen, cooking is usually first to spring to mind. So, when talking about kitchen appliances, where better to start than the cooker? The art of cooking generally requires heat. That heat can come from cooktops, from ovens, from ranges and stoves, or from microwaves ovens, to name but a few.  

Just as some foodstuffs need to be cooked, others need to be cooled. That’s where refrigerators and freezers come in. These handy items can help food stay fresher for longer, while also keeping nasty bacteria at bay. Dirty dishes? Where there is food, there are usually dirty dishes. But not to worry, the dishwasher is here to save the day. Saving hands from washing dishes since the 1970s, dishwashers have now become one of those appliances many households couldn’t live without. Next up, small kitchen appliances. From the toaster to the kettle, the blender to the bread maker, small kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes and can do almost anything.   What about coffee? Coffee is Australia’s passion, which means few people have time for bad coffee. However, not everyone has the time – or the money – to visit the coffee shop every day. Which is why there is so much coffee making equipment designed for home use.

Household Appliances    

Out of the kitchen, appliances can help with all sorts of tasks. Washers and dryers can help with the laundry, vacuum cleaners can help keep the floor free from dirt, irons and press irons can help keep clothes pressed and pretty. To make life more comfortable, air conditioners and portable fans work to keep the air cool in summer, while furnaces and heaters and portable heaters warm it up in winter.