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As technology is ever changing, the need to justify investing in a high quality receiver is getting more complicated. When design, features and sound come into play, a receiver must achieve a higher status than its burgeoning competitive audio counterparts. Continue to consider the tried and true high quality experience that an audio receiver brings when deciding to make that next purchase.


In decades past, not much has changed in the design of the modern A/V receiver. It remains boxy, with a digital display across the front. The face still has round dials for the volume and channel knob. What has changed is the amount of wires required to distribute rich surround sound in the room. What you’re left with is a clean, virtually wireless receiver that simply does what it was intended to do at the quality we expect.

Key Features

Many features on most audio receivers have been enhanced to live up to demanding modern standards. Other features like access to music streaming and Internet are welcomed changes that are becoming standard at the time of release. HDMI audio receivers are upgrading to become 4k HDR compliant. Wireless bluetooth capability gives most units the ability to connect with devices beyond a smartphone or speakers.

Sound Quality

Clarity is a key measurement on what separates one audio receiver from another. How it performs at high pitches along with the low basses will either elevate it to platinum status or simply a base consumer grade commodity. For component audio receivers, adding compatible audio sound hardware to the mix will immerse the room with sound that puts the listener in the action.

Overall Value

Where soundbars and standalone speaker systems are making a dent in the A/V market, there’s still room for the high quality audio receiver. For those who favor hearing the minute details in a movie scene above all else, the upgrade in the experience pays for itself.