Home CCTV Systems

 There’s fewer things more disconcerting than finding out that you have been robbed while you are away on vacation, at work, or even asleep in your bed! Secure your property and protect your loved ones – humans or pets – when you install a home CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system around your home.  When you don’t have a fierce guard dog or the money to hire around-the-clock bodyguards, CCTV cameras are your next best solution to stopping potential robbers in their tracks. If you are thinking of buying a home CCTV system, there are a few things you will need to know.   

How does a CCTV camera work?

 A closed-circuit TV camera works by using one or more video cameras to transmit video or audio images to a video recorder or monitor. The images may be black and white, or colour. A CCTV camera can also have a wired or wireless connection. 

Types of home CCTV systems 

 Bullet camera: These are small, cylindrical cameras that are used when you don’t want anyone to really notice that they have been installed. Mostly used in shops and service areas, you can use them around the home or pool area.  Dome camera: The most popular style of home security cameras, domes are low intrusive and can match the décor around your property. While dome cameras have small lenses and generally aren’t suited to long distance purposes, they can rotate 360 degrees to cover a larger circumference.   IR day/night camera: These cameras provide 24-hour outdoor coverage whether during the night or day. Waterproof and made durable to protect against the elements, they offer a colour image during the day, and then change to black and white at night.  The right CCTV camera for you depends on your goals, needs and budget. Shop online on eBay to view a large range ofsecurity camera systems, motion sensors and more at great prices.