Home Decor Vases

Arrangements of flowers and foliage are a beautiful, natural way to freshen up and provide colour accents in your home. Carefully choosing a home decor vase or hanging planter to match your own home decor is a way to display your good taste.

Matching the Vase to Your Flowers

Before choosing a vase, think about what flowers or foliage you are likely to put in it. A wide-mouthed vase will require several flowers with large heads to fill it up, while a small neck is suited to a slender spray of carnations or irises. A clear glass vase or one in a neutral colour helps to avoid clashes with room decor and ensures that flowers won't be competing with the vase for attention. Traditionally, the flower stems should be no more than twice the height of the vase, so choose a vase that corresponds with the flowers you normally prefer.

Glass Vases

The drawback with glass vases is that you need to pay attention to the flower stems and change the water regularly as it can become cloudy and discoloured quickly. Clear glass nevertheless is popular, as is crystal. A simple ceramic vase is a safe opaque option.

Hanging Vases

Hanging vases are a relatively new trend that offer a classy way to make your space beautiful. Hanging Mediterranean glass vases aren't made to sit on a flat surface.Instead, they have a chain or bracket that they hang from. Hanging vases can be hung from the wall or roof, or bought with a stand from which they suspend, designed to be put on a table or other flat surface. As a refreshing change from a traditional vase, hanging vases give the house a modern, edgy feel and are often home to hydroponic plants.

Different Sized Vases

While most people think of vases in a standard size, don't be afraid to think out of the box to enhance your decor. Low, square vases can float big blooms for a table centrepiece. Instead of live flowers, a tall dried arrangement of artistic twigs and branches is a year-long decoration that is beautiful in any home. Modern home decor vases come in a wide range of options, so you can easily break with convention to create something beautiful.