Choosing Doors

A front door can say a lot about a house – and the people who live inside. A front door can be solid and traditional, made of long-lasting wood that’s kept well-varnished and perfectly clean. A front door can be modern in style, filled with beautiful glass panels that allow plenty of sunshine and light inside. A front door can be painted in bright and cheerful colours, surrounded by plant pots filled with flowers. Or, a front door can be dark and forbidding, with a heavy security screen and a bevy of deadlocks to keep out unwanted guests.    Whether buying a new front door, back door or internal doors, there are plenty of options to choose from. One of the first things to consider when buying a new door is the material it is made from. The material of the door will determine how strong it is, and how much soundproofing it offers. For houses that are built on a busy street or close to an airport, soundproofing would be incredibly important. For houses that are situated in built-up areas, having strong doors with good locks is essential.

Door Hardware

Buying a new door often means investing in door hardware essentials as well. To hang the door, door hinges are needed. To ensure the door opens and closes, door knobs and handles are required, while door locks and lock mechanisms make sure the door stays closed and safely locked. Door handle and lock sets are another option for door security, as are latches and bolts. Want visitors to be able to announce their arrival? Doorbells and door knockers are perfect for this task, while door viewers can allow anyone inside to check on who is standing outside before allowing them entry. Any other door hardware essentials to pick up? Sure. Door closers can help close doors that are meant to be kept shut, while screen doors can allow main doors to stay open – and pesky insects to stay outside.   Whether it’s doors or door hardware, eBay has the lot. Choose from a huge range of brand new and used doors, searching by material – to find everything from aluminium and steel doors, to wood and glass doors – or search by colour to find gorgeous doors in black, white, silver or grey.