Get bashing with home hammers & mallets

Home hammers and mallets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and metals. The shape of the head and length of the handle determines the impact on a range of materials. When choosing home hammers or mallets for DIY use, always check you have selected the correct tool for those hard jobs.

Different types of home hammers & mallets

Hammers and mallets that are made from copper traditionally feature a double face design. The powerful Thor style home hammers are manufactured from 99.9% pure extruded electrolytic copper rod, and fitted with a secure grip plastic or wood handle. This is the hammer of choice for tool and gauge makers.

Steel hammers or mallets are available in a wide range of different styles for a variety of functions. The precision balanced lightweight, long-handled hammers minimise vibration and shock on impact. Slip-resistant handles provide a secure grip for every job. Choose from ball pein, claw, brick, carpenter and framing hammers.

Brass hammers and mallets are non-marring and non-sparking and designed for heavy-duty work. A popular type is the durable peg mallet that is used to secure tent pegs into the ground on camping trips. Hammers made from brass are mostly specialist tools. Small, lightweight and compact hammers are used for jewellery making and metalwork.

Other types of hammers & mallets for your toolbox

Heavy-duty rubber mallets typically have a rounded barrel drum-shaped head and a strong, durable fibreglass handle. This type of mallet is used when a softer blow is required, and is often found in the toolkit of woodworkers. Rubber and plastic faced hammers are also available.

High-quality steel hammers that feature a swivel loop design are used to attach snap-on metal clips to scaffolding. The swinger hammer can be moved from side to side for easy securing.