TVPad Australia offers more than entertainment and sport; it streams educational programs from Asian television, too. This allows your children and grandchildren to experience their ancestors' homeland by watching television in your own home. Watching shows that explore travel destinations educates viewers about geography, and historically based and period-set entertainment can inform younger generations about their heritage and culture.What a difference it makes to watch and listen to TV in your own language. Chat with your friends and family about programs, films, entertainment and sport that they have also watched on TVPad. Regional and national ballet and concerts will be available for your viewing, as will local news, current affairs, and political updates from the perspective of Asian reporters.

If you love to watch Asian TV programming streamed live through your own television, TVPad is the right set-top box for you. Remember the animated film Bicycle Boy, based on the TV series of the same name? Or perhaps, it is Chinese soap operas you love, like The Happy Life of Jintailang or Beijing Youth. TVPad Australia is a great purchase for Chinese speaking people in Australia who want live-stream television from their home country. It is also great for Chinese speakers who want to keep up with news, politics, and sports from Asia.

TVPad Australia allows viewers to watch live television programs from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries plus thousands of movies and other entertainment. Those interested in such things can purchase a TVPad4 from eBay today.

Educate your family in Chinese culture and tradition

Perhaps you are a language student, TVPad offers you a wonderful way to learn Chinese by watching Asian programs in Chinese language.

Watch your favourite programs in your own language

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