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How to use lighting and light fixtures to create ambience in your home.
Lighting can make a big difference when it comes to setting the tone of a room. Check out some of the fixtures on eBay that can help create the right mood.
You can lighten or darken a room simply by choosing a different light bulb or light fitting. Frosted bulbs provide softer light and halogen bulbs shoot out bright white light.
Dimmer switches are also a great way of controlling the intensity of the light - no matter which light bulbs you choose, they should work with your dimmer switch. Remote controls to turn lights off and on or to dim lights are popular in large, modern homes.
You can also have an impact on the look and feel of your room by changing the fixtures themselves. Lamps, chandeliers, light shades and fans come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours to suit your style of space.
When it comes to setting the tone of your rooms, eBay has a great selection of lights and light fixtures that will work perfectly for you.