Home Network Wireless Routers

Whether you're looking for a new router to replace your old one because your broadband speed is too slow or you want a device with a larger range to cover all the rooms of your home equally, you have many to take into account many factors when shopping for a wireless router. From size and ease of use to frequency bands, consider all of the features before making a purchase.

Single vs. Dual Band Wireless Routers

The main choice you have when shopping for wireless routers is between single band and dual band routers. As their name suggests, single band routers only operate on a single wireless frequency in the form of the 2.4 GHz band. With this type of router, you can easily surf the Internet on a few, but a single band is generally unsuitable if you want to connect multiple devices as well as perform high bandwidth tasks, such as streaming videos. On the other hand, dual band wireless routers can transmit data over the 5 GHz band as well, allowing you to use the wireless connection on several devices as well as stream HD movies without the band getting overloaded.

USB Ports

Not all routers come with USB ports, but they may prove useful if you want to connect a memory stick or a hard drive to your router. This way, you can share various media files, such as movie collections or music, with other people in your household without having to leave your network-connected PC on.


If you are looking to use a SIM card with your router, instead of your broadband phone, look into 4G home network wireless routers instead. Alternatively, if you want to use your router as a modem at the same time, opt for a