Get smart at home with home networking and connectivity

Smart homes are becoming more common as a way to improve our quality of life. A connected home can help with the automation of repetitive tasks, such as turning off the air conditioning at night or turning on the lights at 6pm. It can also increase your personal productivity, leaving your mind and hands free to focus on the task at hand. It can improve your home security with alerts when someone approaches your front door, or automatic emailing you a photo when someone enters your yard. Entertainment can be a breeze in a connected home, too. Thanks to the extensive range of home networking and connectivity devices available here on eBay, you can get smart without even leaving home.

Understanding home networking and connectivity

There are a number of options when it comes to connecting your home into a network. The two most common options are a wired network and wireless networking. Of these two, most homes will typically use wireless networking. In this type of network, the devices in your home (computer, tablet, phone, set top box, even your printer) all connect to each other over the wi-fi. You need a wireless router which becomes the access point for all the devices to talk to each other. For example, this enables you to print documents from your phone without having to run a cable from the printer. A wired network has a similar function, but as the name suggests, uses cables to connect each device to each other. There are benefits to this, but in most homes the negative aspect of having to keep your devices in a fixed place due to the cables, as well as the mess cables can cause, far outweighs any benefits of wired networking.

Depending on how complicated you want to get, you may even be able to connect up your lighting, home security, heating, and cooling to the home network. With improvements in internet connections, and smart homes becoming more common, this is often already factored into the design of your home. Certain components you may need for your home network include ethernet ports, ethernet cables, and wi-fi boosters.

While you're considering the type of home networking and connectivity that fits into your lifestyle, don't hesitate to check out the range of USB bluetooth network adapters and dongles, as well as the range of Netgear home networking connectivity devices. Whatever the home networking and connectivity to suit your needs, you're sure to connect with the options available right here on eBay today.