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Home Painting Supplies

Whether you own a painting business or simply need to get some projects done around the house, having the right home painting supplies on hand is a must. From touching up a little bit of trim around doorways, to painting interior and exterior walls, items such as paint sprayers, brushes, rollers and more help get the job done faster, and with more precision. Shop a large number of painting supplies to for all of your painting projects.

Paint Guns and Sprayers

If you have a large job to complete, paint guns and sprayers are some of the best tools to have on hand. There are different types of paint guns and sprayers for different surfaces, such as metal or wood, but they all use compressed gas to cause paint to expel. Usually air, the compressed air forces paint out evenly and smoothly, taking the toil out of large jobs. These are for larger, more tedious jobs, like the exterior of a home.

Rollers and Sponges

For smaller painting jobs, such as interior room, you'll want to invest in some rollers and sponges. Rollers are handheld, manual devices that are dipped in a flat container of paint, and then used to spread paint evenly on a surface (such as a wall). If you're planning on redoing the bedroom, a roller and sponge are two must-haves, as a roller allows you to evenly paint a larger area.

Paint Brushes

For much smaller jobs or for more tedious work, paint brushes are a necessity. Look for different styles and sizes of paint brushes for different types of jobs. Look for medium-sized brushes to complete trim work, or small brushes to do stencilling or other embellishments. Large brushes are capable of painting an entire room or a large surface area.

Thinners and Other Prep

Depending on the type of your project, there are a few other necessities to pick up to complete the job correctly. You may be in need of paint thinner or solvents, or for outside deck and patio work, you may want stain or sealant. Also, look for items such as painting tape, replacement rollers, sandpaper patches and replacement parts for paint spray guns.