Hand Pliers And Tools

Handymen and DIY hobbyists use different types of aids like hand pliers and other tools for different purposes and needs. Using the wrong type can lead to damage, so it would not hurt to add a variety to your arsenal, ensuring you are ready for a number of tasks.

What Are Basic Hand Tools You Should Have Around the House?

Here are essential hand tools for construction and repair tasks:

  1. Needle-nose pliers. AKA long-nosed pliers, these are for cutting and bending small wires and electrical wiring. These may have sharp tips. They are useful for bending, gripping and cutting in instances when other tools are too big to handle the task.
  2. Snap ring pliers. These are for installing or removing snap rings. Snap rings are those small metal rings that go with bearings or other assembly items. These are set into a machined groove. Car engine parts have snap rings. Motorcycle and bicycle shocks also have snap ring fittings. Without snap ring pliers, it's quite impossible if not extremely difficult to remove snap rings.
  3. Locking pliers. Other names include vice or vise grips. These are two parallel jaws that hold and lock objects into position. One jaw is fixed while the other is movable via a lever, screw or cam. For hammering, sawing or filing, you bolt it to a bench.

How Do You Organise Hand Tools?

Here are some ways:

  1. Keep them in toolboxes. These come in different sizes and build. Choose one that has enough compartments and layers for an orderly keeping of your tools.
  2. Keep them in waist or belt pouches and bags. These wrap-around pouches are helpful in keeping your tools safe and accessible while you work.
  3. Maintain a tool shed in your home or place of work. Space doesn't have to be big. What's important is to have enough shelves and hanging accessories that will organise your hand tool collection.

How Do You Care for Hand Tools?

  1. Clean tools after each use. Scrub with a wire brush if needed.
  2. Put oil on areas prone to rusting. Keep sharp blades, screws and bolts oiled.
  3. Store in away from wet and hot areas.