Prise Open Anything With This Pry And Wrecking Bar

If you have recently made the decision that you want to start renovating your home, and that this is the best opportunity to get a little creative and attempt some DIY, you will need to kit out your toolbox for a few very essential tools. Every serious DIYer needs a pry bar. eBay has an excellent range of home pry and wrecking bars for you to choose. They vary in sizes and purposes. You can purchase a single pry bar, or some come in sets of 4. There are a range of mechanical pry bars, electronic crowbars, or heavy-duty wrecking pry bars.

What are pry and wrecking bars?

Pry and wrecking bars are also known as crowbars, and though they’re generally a similar tool, there is one thing that sets them aside.

Both are hand tools that can be used to separate two things. Pry bars generally have an angled, flattened end that acts like a lever, letting you apply a lot of force between two things. Wrecking bars, on the other hand, are a straight bar with one end bent and sharpened into a beak. Sometimes the tool's beak is split, making it look like a bird's foot.

Considerations when buying pry and wrecking bars

If you intend to use bars in lifting heavy objects, you should choose long ones. If you prefer durable pry bars, consider buying the ones that were heat treated as they're very strong and do not break easily. Also, a hard-polished pry bar is your go-to for durability.

Consider the shaft of the bar. If you want one you can easily hold, go for a design with a round shaft. If you prefer light shafts, you should choose pry bars with fixed claws. If you'll be using them on objects with tight space, fixed pry bars and ones with flat claws are ideal. If you need a large prying surface area, you should get bars with wide claws. 

Once you know what you are looking for in your home pry and wrecking bar, narrow your search to save you time and energy scrolling through dozens of options not suited to you. You will find sellers both local and internationally. Be sure to check for postage and delivery timeframes for your purchase. Rivet tools and cutting tools are just a few of the other options available.