Home Entertainment Products

Your home entertainment system is the communications hub of your living or family room. Family members gather to hook up gadgets to the TV to play games and review photos or stream movies. Consider purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray player to play movies or listen to music. Moreover, you can even relive family events using a video projector and screen to watch home movies. Keep some 3D glasses nearby for gamers and others to use with a television display or computer monitor.


A manufacturer such as Humax might produce a receiver that also doubles as a decoder or includes a smart card for data storage and personal identification to safeguard information. A Topfield receiver may have more input and output connections than another brand, but features often differ. With numerous brands available, narrow down your choices to find the right receiver for your TV.


The receiver needs to have adequate wattage to power attached speakers so that regardless of where people sit in the room, they can hear. Devices with a higher wattage usually deliver clearer and crisper sound as compared to receivers with low wattage. If you download music to your smartphone or tablet, your receiver's ability to stream wirelessly is a convenient option. The device should have a user-friendly menu so you can easily navigate through all available functions. Receivers that have the features you'll actually use now or in the future are practical considerations for purchase.

Audio/Video Inputs and Outputs

It's probably impossible for a receiver to have too many inputs and output connections for components, such as a gaming console, speakers, and other peripheral devices. There should be several HDMI connections to grow your home entertainment system as well as some analogue connections to accommodate older equipment. An Ethernet connection provides speedy wired access to a home network router and modem, while USB ports provide flash drive connections.