Home Security Equipment

Lock it up with new home security equipment

You don’t have to be a genius to be a burglar. In fact, many thieves are opportunists who get access inside homes and businesses simply by opening an unlocked door, climbing through an open window or using force to break in through poor security. eBay's home security equipment can help you increase your security – and reduce your chances of being robbed.

Start with strong door locks

Installing high-quality door locks and padlocks is essential for any home, as they can be key in keeping you, your family and your possessions safe. Deadlocks also have the added benefit of ensuring thieves cannot leave any other way except the way they got in. This minimises what thieves can steal, as it’s impossible to carry a 65” flat screen TV through a toilet window. In addition to your home's doors, you should also have good quality locks installed on windows, gates, garages and sheds.

Electronic locks for high-tech safety

These locks have either a keypad or a proximity card which unlock your door automatically. The latest types of electronic locks and security keypads can be added to your smart home setup, allowing you to lock and unlock your home using your smartphone or even a computer from almost anywhere in the world.

Security alarms bring the noise

Home alarm systems use door and window sensors that detect when a door or window has been opened or movement sensors that detect when someone is inside your home. Alarms should generally be used as a secondary security measure, as they are no substitute for good quality physical locks.

Check out the range of home security equipment on eBay today for a bit more peace of mind.