Home Security Safes

How they work

Key safes offer a reliable way to securely store your house, car or padlock keys, as well any important cards, so you can share access with friends, colleagues or family members or simply leave your keys behind with the knowledge theyll be waiting for you. For larger valuables or cash, you may need to buy a personal security safe to keep inside the home or office. You should also keep in mind that a safety box does not replace the need for an effective home and personal security alarm.

Key safe features

A standard key safe includes wall mount and screws, combination lock or push button mechanism providing a code between 4 and 10 digits, code reset functionality, hinged drop down door and a steel body and back plate. A good key safe has a weatherproof sliding shutter or other form of cover to protect combination dials or push buttons from the elements.

Size and capacity

Every safety box is built for security, but they come in different shapes and sizes to meet specific needs. A small combination lock key safe stores up to 5 keys inside its strong zinc alloy body, which is capable of resisting hammering, sawing or prying. This type of device might have an internal size of 40mm x 70mm x 35mm and an external size of 105mm x 65mm x 55mm. If you need more space, you might consider a larger model with the capacity to hold up 25 keys or up to 40 cards. Its important to note that the internal size listed is a guide only, as it will not include the space taken up by the locking mechanism. The quantity of keys that can be held also depends on the presence of any tags or identifiers.

Want to keep your spare keys and other small personal belongings safe and sound in just about any location? You need a heavy duty, wall mountable key safety box designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Want to lock it up and spend the day without worry? Explore eBay now to buy a safety box for your keys and cards.