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Do your part to keep your family safer with home smoke alarms and detectors

Keeping yourself, your family and friends and your possessions safe isn't a sometimes thing. It's an all the time thing. It's important to stay prepared for the worst. Whether you live in a studio flat in a huge building with hundreds of units, in a lovely suburban home in a capital city or on acreage out in rural or remote Australia, you need to have your home security equipment sorted.

While many people might think of items such as alarm systems, home security safes and door and window sensors as staples of home security, it's important that you don't take your home smoke alarm and detector for granted. eBay can help you make sure your home is outfitted with these vital pieces of safety equipment so you can be better prepared for anything.

When should I test my smoke alarm?

It's important that you test your home smoke alarms every month. This can help ensure that they're all in proper working order and will give you a chance to replace any batteries as needed.

It's also a good idea to clean your home smoke alarms and detector devices with a vacuum cleaner every few months – but go no more than six months between cleans. This will keep dust and debris from building up on and in them, giving the sensors in your devices the best chance of picking up on any smoke in the area quickly so you have more warning.

What types of home smoke alarms and detectors can I buy online?

You can buy a range of home smoke alarms online on eBay, including traditional single makes and models as well as more connected devices for optimal use and performance.

While you can still buy home smoke alarms that are like the ones you might have grown up with, as with most things around the home, the technology has improved leaps and bounds over the years.

New advances in detector tech include:

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Wireless interconnected smoke alarms
  • Smoke alarms you can control via remote or mobile app
  • Smoke alarms that connect to your home assistants

What is a photoelectric smoke alarm?

A photoelectric home smoke alarm detector device more or less "sees" smoke and other dangerous elements that can signal a fire or other dangerous conditions. When smoke or other dangerous particles travel into a sensor, it triggers a reflection of light that sets off the alarm.

Some believe photoelectric smoke alarms are better for detecting smouldering fire, while other devices known as ionisation smoke alarms are better suited for more active flames.

Whether you need to buy a single device to replace one of your home smokes alarms or detectors or want to outfit all your bedrooms, hallways, garage, and other areas of your place with new home security equipment, eBay is home to a huge selection of options that can help keep you, your family and friends and your possessions safer. Check out our collection today.