Home Standard Water Heaters

Sometimes a bit of steaming H2O can make all the difference.

If youre travelling in a caravan and would like to be able to have a hot shower when you reach your camping spot for the night, or if youre looking for a mini hot water system to tide you over whilst the plumbing at home gets fixed or remodelled, an instant water heater is just the thing for you.

Why you need an instant hot water heater

A compact and easily portable electric hot water heater that heats the water as it moves through the system and towards the faucet will mean no more time spent heating large pots of water on the stove for makeshift showers or washing the dishes.

An instant water heater is also a great idea if you have a very basic holiday cabin or cottage and dont want to have to deal with a full hot water system. You may be able to find a hot water heater specifically designed for use as a portable shower, whilst other instant water heater listings might be intended for installation under the sink.

What to look for when buying an instant hot water heater online

When looking to purchase an instant water heater online, make sure you check both its water capacity and its power capacity, and ensure that it has an auto-regulated temperature control so that it cannot heat the water above a specified safe temperature. Another benefit of a portable hot water heater unit is that it turns off when it is not being used, which saves a considerable amount of energy in the long term.

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If youre looking for something a little more permanent and intended for more heavy duty use than an instant water heater, check out the extended range of hot water systems available online every day on eBay, which includes both electric and gas heaters.

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