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Home Storage Bags

Keep your home tidy whilst looking stylish with a home storage bags. Find bags for all types of spaces and uses, from thin stackable units to larger options in a range of different colours to match your home.

Simple storage solutions for the home

Store your clean or dirty laundry in zipper bags and your spare bedding in the closet to keep it fresh. Even simple cube container boxes can help to organise your everyday essentials, making your bedroom or kitchen tidy and clutter-free.

If you are tight on space, try vacuum storage bags for your clothes too. This is great for those clothes that you want to keep but do not wear that often. These units seriously save on storage, letting you vacuum seal unused clothes to be tucked away in the attic.

Storage solutions for travel

Shop for traditional, simple luggage alongside innovative storage solutions. Avoid spills by using reusable plastic Ziploc bags for makeup, creams and shower gels to keep your toiletries separate and organised during your trips.

Try pairing your traditional suitcase with cube luggage boxes to separate your belongings into clear compartments too, for example, one box for shoes, one for underwear. This offers easier unpacking and a professional look if you are travelling for work. Try keeping one box free for your holiday shopping so you know how much spare space you have to bring goodies home.


From storage cubes for luggage to portable shoe and accessories bags, organise your life with a classic Whitmor product. You can even use a hanging organiser on your bedroom door for your socks, underwear or shoes. Various hooks and hangers can also arrange items in your home. Other solutions include compost and recycling storage, designed to separate your waste easily, a top tip to recycle efficiently.