The key components of home theatre systems

Do you want the cinema experience inside your own home? By putting together a home theatre system, you can take your home entertainment up a notch. Creating effective home theatre systems is a matter of understanding the main components, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

TV and projector screens

TVs and home video projector screens are two common components of any home theatre. TVs are a popular choice for homes that don't have a large enough theatre room for a projector screen, or for families who want a simple way to enjoy their favourite movies and shows. Projector screens require a projector to transfer video onto the screen. Though the combination of projector and projector screen can seem more complicated than TVs, they also give you the most immersive theatre experience. Choosing between TVs and projectors will come down to your space and your technical preferences.

Speakers and sound systems

In addition to your screen, all home theatre systems need speakers so that your video can be accompanied by sound. Sound systems for home theatre systems vary from super simple to more intricate. One popular choice is the inclusion of a sound bar. A sound bar is an all-in-one speaker that usually contains two or more types of speakers within its frame. Several brands offer a sound bar option, including Sony and Bose home theatre systems. Another sound system option is to purchase separate surround sound speakers. By placing speakers like amplifiers and subwoofers around your home theatre room, you can create an all-encompassing sound experience that makes you feel like you're standing in the scenes of every movie you watch.

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