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 Why line up in long queues at the cinemas, sit amongst complete strangers, and wait through 20 minutes of previews to watch an overpriced movie when you can just melt into your own couch and surround yourself with your very own home theatre system?  A quality sound system can turn an ordinary television room into a home theatre. Whether you want to impress guests or simply create a room in which to listen to music or watch TV, you need the right equipment and atmosphere to get you there.  

How to buy the best home entertainment system

  There are a few things to look for when it comes to creating your own theatre haven. First, you will need to consider whether the system will be used just for movies, or for music as well. You will also need to ask whether surround sound is a priority. Finally, you will need to discuss budget and how much space you have in your chosen room.  

Choosing home speakers  

Instead of putting a major amount of your budget into a new television screen, use the TV you have and invest in great quality speakers. Nowadays, many speakers come packed with features including an iPod dock, Bluetooth connectivity, and subwoofers, which can help to enhance your experience.  If you have a large room, then you should consider buying full-size, full-range speakers and audio separates with a powerful amplifier. This will give you that ‘feel it in your bones’ experience, especially when watching movies starring Arnie Schwarzenegger. However, if your room is smaller, then a satellite/subwoofer system and a decent-sized receiver should work for you.  For the best in home theatre systems, including home theatre lounges, lighting and much more, shop online on eBay today. Bid on an item or buy outright to score great deals on quality electronics and seating.

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