Home Video Projector Screens

Create a theatre experience in your own home with high-quality video projector screens and home theatre systems. From manual and floor-rising home projector screens to in-ceiling, portable, and outdoor models, there are screens designed for all types of commercial settings and residential home theatre systems. Not only can they be used to view videos, but you can also transform them into a dry-erase whiteboard for classroom applications.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Top of the line Elite Screens home projector screens use cutting-edge technology to create ambient-light-rejecting screens that can be used either day or night. Vinyl coatings optimise the image quality on Sony home video projector screens to create sharp and clear lines, together with brilliant colours. Most projector screens for home theatre systems are designed to be mildew-resistant and flame-retardant for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

Multi-Purpose Video Projector Screens

As projectors are increasingly being utilised in schools and universities, whiteboard-projection screens have been created, offering a dry-erase writing surface for use during classes and lectures. Then, sit back and enjoy a theatre-grade projection screen to watch course material without having to purchase additional equipment.

Sized to Suit Your Space

Video projector screens are available in a whole range of sizes, measuring diagonally from around 80 inches up to 155 inches. Whether you want to create a cinema experience for the whole family to enjoy or indulge in a wall-to-wall screen, there are home theatre system designs to suit.

Perfectly Flat

Modern projection screens are designed to remain perfectly flat without the distortion problems often encountered in older screens. Tension mounts ensure it remains taut, while projector and errant light is absorbed by back coatings. High-definition matte white screens ensure an outstanding visual experience whether you're watching your favourite TV programmes, live sport, or the latest blockbuster films.