Home Video Projectors

Pocket Projector

If you love the idea of having a home movie setup but have always thought that projector equipment is too cumbersome and difficult to set up and use - think again! A pocket projector is small, compact, easy to pack away and just as easy to use, and will have you comfortably set up with a home cinema in no time at all. No more clunky projectors reminiscent of 80s films - a mini projector will sit unobtrusively on your shelf until you need it, and provide you with just as high quality projection as an older, larger model. Across the pocket projector range there are Bluetooth and WiFi enabled options available, allowing you to screen content from any of your WiFi enabled devices. Some mini projectors are designed to support certain brands, but you're sure to find something to suit your devices and your budget from the vast range of pocket projector listings available with eBay.

Setting up your home cinema

Gone are the days of needing an entirely separate room for a greathome cinemaexperience. There is a fantastic range ofhome video projector screensavailable for purchase online in a variety of sizes and set up options. You can affix a roll-up projector screen to the top of any wall large enough and roll it down whenever you want to watch something, or purchase a freestanding screen with its own tripod set up. Each option has its benefits, depending on how and where you want to use the screen. If you want to be able to bring it with you to work or just to a friend's house, the portable screen and tripod is the best option, but if you prefer a permanent fixture at home, then the screen fixed to the wall is the way to go.