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Windows to suit your home

New windows provide a raft of benefits like fewer draughts, effortless cleaning, smooth operation, and energy savings. Available window types include exterior, interior, sliding, awning, standard, casement, sash, vinyl windows, bay windows, hinged windows, and more. Pick your colour of choice and choose from a selection of materials, such as uPVC, timber, and aluminium to complement your home.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows work by moving the window panes side to side on a track in the frame. They're a smart choice if the size of your window is a lot wider than it is high. The design is perfect where easy access is of high importance. Because they slide within the frame, there are no problems with blinds or curtains.

Casement windows

Originally just a single frame that hinged into a stone or timber frame opening, casement windows have come a long way since then. In Australia, these home windows were the most popular windows before the sash window was established and contained leaded glass, essentially glass panels held in place with strips of lead. Nowadays, they continue to be one of the most popular types of replacement windows, thanks to their longevity, functionality, and breadth of designs on offer.

Double hung windows

In double hung windows, there are two operating sashes that move up and down, enabling ventilation on the top, bottom, or both. They're a brilliant choice if your room faces a porch, deck, or pathway, as the sashes don't open outwards.

Glazed windows

Specifically manufactured to decrease heating loss from homes and buildings, double glazing serves to insulate the home and helps reduce your carbon footprint alongside your energy bills. Glazing reduces heat loss through windows and doors, meaning fewer draughts and cold spells. Installation of double glazed windows also enhances the security of your home and protect it from external noise.