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HomyPed Shoes For Women Take Care Of Your Feet

Around 40% of Aussies have a problem with their feet at some point in their life, which is why it’s crucial to buy shoes that are a good fit. With HomyPed shoes for women on eBay, you’ll find a huge variety of designs, colours, sizes and styles to suit all occasions and requirements.

About HomyPed shoes

HomyPed has been making shoes since 1969 and there are three main aspects people love when it comes to their shoes:

  1. Arch support and footbed contouring are major features
  2. They realign your feet, lowering the risk of rolling your ankles.
  3. Ground contact and support levels help increase your balance and stability.

When shopping for HomyPed shoes online, you’ll find a range of styles available, including elements such as adjustable entrances and fastenings that offer a secure and comfortable fit over and around the foot. Shoes are tailored to suit the foot’s width, and customers can increase or decrease shoe size by half-sizes, rather than just full size like most shoe designs.

How to find your size

Before you buy, make sure you check the sizing to ensure the shoe will fit. You’ll find a chart on most eBay listings – and you can print this off in real-size and compare your foot size to that, or simply do your measurements based on the recommendations. With the chart:

  1. Place it against a wall, on a hard surface
  2. Keep your socks or stockings on
  3. Position your heel against the back of the heel line

This will determine the length, but you also need to pay attention to the width, so find the longest point of your foot (usually just under the toes) and measure the size there as well. This will ensure you aren’t buying shoes that will scrunch your toes up.

If you need further advice, get in touch with the seller and they’ll be able to provide you with more details on the shoes before you buy them. The best aspect about HomyPed shoes is that they are designed for individual feet. Buying the wrong size will impact your comfort and benefits of these fantastic shoes.